Robin Thicke – iTunes Festival 2013

So last night saw Robin Thick take to the stage, at what has to be one of my most favourite live music venues, The Roundhouse in Camden.

Now I’ve been a fan of Robin Thicke ever since I photographed him at the Jazz Cafe (I didn’t know who he was until he performed his last song – Wanna Love You Girl ft. Pharell – what a newbie!)


[Robin Thicke – London Jazz Cafe. © Nathalie Gordon]

I’m not a music journalist so I’m not going to write a whole (serious) review of the show. All in all I had a great time. The crowd however, I’m not so sure… They were dead ass!! London crowds are always tough but when the drummer tried to get them to pipe up, by inducing a clap along, only about 10 people joined in.

Myself and my friend on the other hand were screaming (not singing) along to Lost Without You, creating our own little audience in the process. He disappeared into the crowd at this point to get harassed and groped by a bunch of screaming girls. I’m sure if I was at the front, I’d be doing exactly the same thing!

We all knew it was going to happen… yep Blurred Lines. Everyone was waiting for it – patiently! The lead up to it was great, Robin got down and performed Rock With You by MJ and then into Al Green’s Lets Stay Together. I was REALLY REALLY hoping for my all time favourite, Superman and Wanna Love You Girl. I reckon if he shoved that in the middle of his set the crowd might have piped up a lot earlier.

A few iPhone pics from the show below, Including the DENSE who was taking photos on her iPad… NO! Stop it. People listen, iPads are not meant for taking to concerts to block out everyone else’s view while you take a seriously poor, low quality images.

I wish people would use their eyes more and enjoy moments….

FYI you can watch the whole show via the iTunes Festival iPhone and iPad apps. Also via iTunes directly.



And this… I’m still loving it:


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