Muscle Memory – Jason Dwarika

“I’ve got to do what? Shoot a man in his pants?”

Well it turned out not to be any old man but Jason Dwarika, WBFF Pro Athlete and fitness model.

Jason is relatively new to the fitness industry having only stepped onto the competitive stage 3 years ago but with 10 years of knowledge on the gym floor he carries a world of experience.
 In 2008 he was chosen out of 26,000 applicants to appear in the global publication Mens Health where he featured a number of times.
In April 2012, he took the title of UK Fitness model above 50 competitors at the UK’s largest fitness show, Miami Pro and wasted no time in qualifying for his Pro status later that year with the world’s largest fitness federation – the WBFF, at their European championships.


His next challenge will be on the 24th August where he will be making his pro debut at the World Championships in Las Vegas Nevada as a Drug Free Muscle Model.
Twitter & Instagram @JasonDwarika

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