So pretty much every female that had any sense was at the Hammersmith Apollo on Saturday night drooling and swooning over the legend that is Maxwell, counting myself among them! Although I’m not a massive fan of his new look, in his shades he could almost pass as a Ray Charles look alike.


Looks aside, he was on top form the band was amazing and on point and he even had the infamous Robert Glasper on keys.

Robert Glasper @ Maxwwell London

From a Photographers point of view I battled with lighting issues or rather the lack of, no pit area and management telling me I’m only allowed to shoot from the far side of the stage… I didn’t listen to them, why would I? There was no way I was going to come away with anything decent from the side of the stage. So I mingled into the crowd and found a spare seat to shoot from, till the lady whose seat I stole returned from the bar…

Check out the results….





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